For 2022, we are looking to partner with those who we believe can and will introduce our products to enthusiasts whose needs most closely align with what our products offer. This means that, if you are the type to frequent drift events, participate in competition, car shows, meets, or other automotive-related events, you are a prime candidate for our vehicle sponsorship. Likewise, if you represent an organization with broad media exposure or have a captive social media influence to the automotive community, you are also well-positioned for a media sponsorship with the Skiddy Bois.

All we ask is that you are truthful regarding the extent to which you can and will expose our products to your circle of influence, and in exchange we will provide you with some of our products for either a discount, or for no cost at all.

We are looking for a partnership to spread our brand into other areas of the country.  We want to travel more and participate in events and even possibly sponsor events this season outside of the midwest.

For sponsorship inquiries/application email: info@skiddybois.com